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Cowgirl Couture


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$300 box

Here’s the run down for those that don’t know 🦋

Mystery box options -

💫 $50 box - consists of one top and a few accessories.

💫 $100 box - consists of top, bottom and accessories (belt, jewelery etc.)

💫 $200 box - consists of either 2 tops 1 bottom, or 2 bottoms 1 top. Belts and accessories also included.

💫 $300 box - consists of top, bottom, shoes, belts & accessories.

Each box is worth more than they are retailing for so you are getting a bigger bang for your buck! This is perfect for those that struggle to put pieces together for an outfit, perfect for those that have events and no idea what to wear! Let me do it FOR YOU! 🥰

Each box is a mystery and will be 100% styled by ME! You have the option to choose the vibe you’re going for and I will make an outfit going off that.

In the notes section on the checkout page you may put any details as far as what kind of a outfit you are going for/what event etc.



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